Form Follows Function

We at EPHOKAM support the "form follows function" philosophy. Design has to be functional in the first place. This is also an often underestimated part of durability. For instance, no matter how good a chair is made and no matter how well it is protected, if it does not sit comfortably or if it does not look good it will not stay for many years.

Design to your taste

Looking good is simply a matter of taste. We have our own ideas on this, but your ideas - as a client - are at least as important. We will always start with trying to find out your wishes, your taste and the possibilities of the place where the objects are going to be used. Together with you we will make rough sketches. If you like them, they will be worked out and the object will be built virtually in our CAD system. We can provide you with images that give a good idea of what it is going to look like. Only then, after you agree with the design, we'll start the real building.

chair design with CAD-tool

Computer Added Design (CAD) programs render pictures of the objects before they are built. The chair makes use of contrasting wood colors. Repetitive robust angles with multiple mirror planes create a tough - yet still refined - image. This chair looks surprisingly different from every observation angle.

Tailor made

The other pillar on which good design is based, is ergonomics. A good "standard" chair might sit comfortably for 80% of the population. But if you belong to the other 20%, you will need a different chair. Most people don't realize the importance of furniture made to size. Once you've experienced the difference, you'll always want furniture that fits. It is the difference between "one size fits all" and "tailor made".

CAD drawing of a sofa

CAD impression of sofa design. The sofa combines steel tubes and ash wood laths. The repetition in lines, angles and natural colors create a resting point that balances the vividness of the wood structure. Design with simple pure lines that merge comfortability with beauty.