Durable and Sustainable

EPHOKAM products are durable as well as sustainable. Durability is an essential part of our philosophy. We want our quality products to last. Durability is one of the most important factors for sustainability. In most methods for assessing environmental profiles, for instance in life cycle assessment studies (LCA), the lifespan of the product plays a major role. The longer it lasts, the better the environmental score. For EPHOKAM this means that their products need to stay beautiful for a long time. Wood exposed to the weather normally gets grey within the year. With our unique treatment technology the wood colour is maintained for many years. As you can see we tested our treatments extensively both in laboratory tests and in field tests. For the field tests we have chosen a all year wet maritime climate (NL) and a dry summer mediterranean climate with high UV exposure (P). But we also look to other sustainability factors.

field test samples

After one year of exposition: top row untreated, bottom row treated by Ephokam; left to right hard maple, teak, sipo mahogany

Our technologies make the use of wood species from the moderate zones possible. Choice of wood species, however, is mainly a matter of aesthetics. When we choose for tropical species, we make sure that they are from sustainable managed forests, preferably FSC certified.

durable furniture from sustainable forests

Durable furniture from sustainably managed forests

Finally our treatment technologies, making the wood UV resistant and protected against fungi, are all based on the most modern wood modification processes.