If you look around in gardens, patio's, balconies and other places where you would like to spend a nice summer evening, you will find that almost all lighting are lanterns. A lantern can be nice, of course, but why wouldn't you use a beautiful design lamp?

We at EPHOKAM are of the opinion, that with modern technologies the possibilities for outdoor lighting are great. Reading lamps, floor lamps, atmosphere lights, all is possible.

  • ethanol burner, in a pentagonal prism
  • One cubic meter
  • Cubic lamp inspired by a lithograph of M.C. Escher: Cubic Space Division, 1952
  • The lamp, to match with our cube chairs
  • standing reading lamp, also creating atmosphere
  • candelar, with 7 lights protected by glass
  • tensegrity, pine sticks with nylon cords and 10 LED lamps